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These popular stones have been the go-to for decorative pebbles for the past 20 years. Sourced from the lower North Island the product come in various sizes and are mostly different shades of grey. The different sizes suit slightly different applications therefore some guidance may be given in which stone size for which application.

Smaller sizes cover more area per cubic metre. 1m3 will cover 10m2 at 100mm.

Smaller sizes are easier to walk on.

Medium size is more distinctive and provide a different visual effect.

Large size does not cover a very big area and may be awkward to handle.

A mix of sizes can be very effective and at the same time cover sufficient area to gain the required effect without having to buy too much product.

These are heavy products, and it may be wise to use our NZLS delivery service to have these products brought to your home or work site.


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