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Delivery Infomation

Trailer for rent

Our free loan trailers are in constant demand. We have over 20 trailers spread around the 5 yards and they are in and out all day every day.  Please give us a call on 0800 LOADUP to contact your most convenient branch and check availability.

Because they are in such demand we are unable to reserve them for you however they come and go all the time and we can ring you when the next one comes available at your nearest branch.

They are free to use for a couple of hours so talk to us about your project because it could be easier and cheaper to have us deliver instead of fighting the traffic.

We have the ability to put the bulk product in large one tonne/one cubic metre sacks.

These bags can carry up to one tonne of product or one cubic metre. They are delivered by Hiab truck and can be swung from the roadside on to your property. Getting product over fences, onto raised areas or up to decks or apartment balconies is now possible. Very versatile and solves many access problems. Contact us for details and the cost.

All of our products come in small easy to handle 22-litre bags. These weigh about 25kg and will fit in the back of your car.

This is an easy, quick and convenient way to get the product home and save on delivery charges.


We have a smaller truck for tight spots and lesser quantities, up to 2.5 tonne or 3 cubic metres of lighter product. Please specify this truck when placing orders and we can then confirm the availability and the access it requires.

Our largest truck will carry up to 10 m3 of light material (mulch or bark) or 7 tonnes of the heavy stuff.

We also have at our disposal, 6 wheeler trucks and truck and trailers. These guys are the heavy weights of the industry and carry 12 tonnes or 30 tonnes respectively. We contract a company to deliver the big quantities so we need a little bit of notice to get organised.

We love the big stuff and look forward to the challenge of delivering our great products to you.

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